Xcsp 600 backfiring when hot

The engine didnt fire again.. Mine had broken off all the little strands in the wire just the length of the screw on the boots. And checked the line in the gas tank. It will start on the second pull, run fine for hours but once I shut it off, it will not restart until left overnight. It could be just running on the gas that is in the float bowls and dying when it runs out.

01 polaris edge 600 backfire

Sprayed starter fluid in it — I sprayed some starter fluid in the carb intake and gave her some pulls… nothing. When i take out the spark plugs, and pull the cord its like a fountain of gasoline out of the cylinders..

Arctic Cat F800 Fixed Issue finally resolved after running boggy backfires backfiring popping Part5

Then I would clean the carbs and make sure the pilot jet is clean. Always adjust the fuel screws after the engine is fully warmed up. Are you a Polaris Winter Sport Expert? And i were supposed to run it 5-10 minutes or so, so the fuel ran through the whole engine, but i didnt come so far.. I cleaned the carbs, they were very dirty. The plugs show a spark when I ground them to the top of the engine bolts and turn the engine over. Any suggestions, the kids are excited to go for a ride but not trusting it yet.

I rode it about 10 miles to my buddies house when I took thumb off throttle sounded like it was going to low idle and died. I had the fuel screws out yesterday and didn't see anything abnormal but that should affect only on carb, correct? Let it run for a while, shut it off, would not start, no fire again.

I would start by cleaning the carbs and checking all the fuel lines and air box.


Should I grease the crank and jackshaft before i fire it up? The fuel pump kicks on and the battery is good!!! Hey Andrew, you should be fine.