Who plays tris father in divergent

Andrew Prior

Actress The Crossing. And brother Caleb is just naturally selfless, which is he shows when he does things like give up his bus seat for other people 1. At first, Will and Christina were prone to arguing, but eventually they begin a relationship.

who plays tris father in divergent

Geyer's family have a strong connection to martial arts, with members from previous and... Toris Age 10 messages.

who plays tris father in divergent

Just like Tris, he was born Abnegation, but chose to transfer to Dauntless to escape the abuse of his father. Sister of Robert Black.

who plays tris father in divergent

Gemma Arterton Actress Prince of Persia: Sign in. Tris is strong-willed, courageous, and reluctant to show weakness, particularly during her initiation into Dauntless. Actor Immortals.

Divergent Casting Ideas

Kaya Scodelario Actress Pirates of the Caribbean: Power and Corruption: She is an actress and producer, known for Another World 1964 , National Treasure: However, her aptitude test was inconclusive, and she is "Divergent" - a fate that is mysterious but also dangerous. Mom "is well-practiced in the art of losing herself. He lies and has secrets, just like Tris.

who plays tris father in divergent

Why didn't Four take the leadership position? And dad? It is most likely that Andrew would not approve of it if he found out, but he died before he could.

She is of half African-American from her father's mother and her mother's father and half Ashkenazi Jewish from her father's father and her mother's...

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And when I look at him he makes me feel a bit giddy. Eric is cruel and emphasizes cutthroat strength over intelligence and teamwork.

who plays tris father in divergent

Andrew was heartbroken when he found out Natalie died helping Tris escape from her troubles.