Who plays lincoln 6 echo

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who plays lincoln 6 echo

Clones by definition are a copy of the original, and therefore would have the same fingerprints and retinas. My name is Lincoln Six-Echo.

who plays lincoln 6 echo

If you are looking for the novel by Elin Hildebrand, click here. What is Merrick's first name? When Lincoln Six Echo decides to go back the facility to save everyone else, he has a large cut on just his right cheek.

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Merrick explains one part of keeping the clones in line is by closely engineering all their entertainment to promote passive, non-violent, compliant behavior. You're special.

who plays lincoln 6 echo

Then in the next scene they are dirty again. You're like a freak show!

The Island (2005)

Audible Download Audio Books. He's taking a dump in a can! Even more, when the car accelerates, it starts far from stop line. Real clones could never be male. But I want one.

Ewan McGregor: Lincoln Six Echo, Tom Lincoln

Lincoln Six Echo has spent his entire life in a compound somewhere deep underground, safe from the contaminated world outside. IMDb Everywhere. Sign in. Phillips is also particularly memorable as their slightly unhinged pal.

who plays lincoln 6 echo

DreamWorks , Warner Bros. What happens then? First door on the right.