What to eat with bread fruit plant

It will be noted that some varietal names are reported under more than one class. On the mainland of Florida, the tree can be maintained outdoors for a few years with mild winters but, unless protected with plastic covering to prevent dehydration, it ultimately succumbs.

what to eat with bread fruit plant

It has been suggested that the seeded breadfruit was carried by Spaniards from the Philippines to Mexico and Central America long before any reached the West Indies. Formerly, 'Paea' was reserved for chiefs only. On the Atlantic Coast, seedless varieties are much consumed by people of African origin.

Some fruits may have a harsh, sandpaper-like rind. The fruit is borne singly or in clusters of 2 or 3 at the branch tips. Koroieveibau provides a key to the 8 classes illustrated by leaf and fruit outline sketches.

Jamaican Recipes: How to Roast and Fry Breadfruit Video

Ripe breadfruit Artocarpus altilis. Ranks with best Samoan varieties. Class II: This is the most common breadfruit of Tahiti.

what to eat with bread fruit plant

The fruit stalk pedicel varies from 1 to 5 in 2. Highly esteemed, ranked with the very best breadfruits. The tree bears a multitude of tiny flowers, the male densely set on a drooping, cylindrical or club-shaped spike 5 to 12 in 12.

Pulp is light-yellow, dry or flaky and of delicious flavor after cooking which takes very little time.


Leaf deeply dissected. One of the best, especially when boiled.

what to eat with bread fruit plant

Class VII: Also, by the same name, a form with only moderately dissected leaves. Highly recommended.