What is the state seal of ohio

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A sheaf of wheat stands in the foreground as a symbol of agriculture and bounty. The mountains are an allusion to the fact that this was the first state west of "the mountains"—that is, the Alleghanies. It may get bumpy... In the field stands a sheaf of wheat, illustrating the importance of agriculture in Ohio.

Ohio State Seal

Scene of the State Seal as seen from Adena:. When the coat of arms of the state is reproduced in color, the colors used shall be substantially the same as the natural color of the terrain and objects shown. The act of April 6, 1866, provided as follows: This remained the legal design of the state seal until 1866. State Nickname.

Seal of Ohio

Seal of Ohio Ohio State Seal. The act was passed March 25, 1803. Retrieved from " http: The rotunda of the Statehouse has a magnificent skylight with a handpainted version of a Seal that was designed in 1847.

what is the state seal of ohio

Separating Mount Logan from the rest of the seal is the Scioto River. The first legislature, after Ohio became a state, provided by law for a great seal.

Ohio's State Seal

The seal illustrates Ohio's diverse geography. On it, in the foreground, on the right, a sheaf of wheat; on the left, a bundle of seventeen arrows, both standing erect; in the background, and rising above the sheaf and arrows, a mountain range, over which shall appear a rising sun.

what is the state seal of ohio

Official State Seal of Ohio Ohio has had an official seal for more than two hundred years and it has gone through several revisions, the last modification in 1996. State Motto.

what is the state seal of ohio

Share Ohio on Your social networks. It provided for the design as follows: Pictured above are the original seal and various revisions from 1861 through current day.

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