What is the el nino southern oscillation

Global Patterns: El Niño-Southern Oscillation

May 5, 2014. Over Indonesia, rainfall tends to increase while rainfall decreases over the central tropical Pacific Ocean.

what is the el nino southern oscillation

Influences on Snowfall. Thank you.

what is the el nino southern oscillation

But if either one of them indirectly causes populations to migrate more, as might also be the case for general climate change, then there could be an exacerbating effect on incidence of swine flu. This section of the new site isn't ready yet. The connection between the Southern Oscillation and precipitation is also manifest in the quantity of long—wave e.

El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Indicators

I'm just a student which had always struggled to understand the concept of ENSO, but after reading this, I understood. First documentation of the Southern Oscillation While El Nino effects all aspects of the climate system it was the atmospheric part — the Southern Oscillation — that first attracted the attention of scientists.

what is the el nino southern oscillation

I was on Saipan in 1997 through early 1998. Under cloudy skies, some of this radiation is prevented from escaping. The increased sea surface temperature influences the atmospheric winds, which in turn influence the upper ocean and the thermocline such that the sea surface temperature is increased further - a positive feedback.

Eventually, the surface ocean temperatures will respond to the warming of the sub-surface temperatures, and a warm phase of the ENSO cycle ensues.

El Niño, La Niña and the Southern Oscillation

We measure the accuracy of our forecasts in several different ways, so I might be able to comment on it if you can give me insight into which event you were looking at. Of course, the other issue when determining how good a forecast is, is that our forecasts are probabilistic in nature. The ENSO cycle is a natural climate phenomenon; proxy evidence e.

what is the el nino southern oscillation

Good job. Sir Gilbert Walker documented and named the SO in the 1930s.

what is the el nino southern oscillation

Excellent description. This increased ocean warmth enhances convection, which then alters the jet stream such that it becomes more active over parts of the U.