What is tgic polyester powder coating

Are TGIC-Free Powder Coatings Right For You?

June 2009 5. In this Technology Interchange, I present a comparison of properties of these closely related powder coating types.

what is tgic polyester powder coating

The two most widely used types of polyester powder: Epoxies and polyesters are often mixed together to form hybrids. Curing Agents and Cure Mechanism. We are learning significantly more about base chemical toxicity through the works of groups like MBDC and others.

September 2012 1. HAA powders emit water during cure which can create pinhole defects at thick films.

The Different Types of Powder Coatings

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what is tgic polyester powder coating

He can be reached via email at kevinbiller yahoo. HAA powders have an advantage in electrostatic behavior and transfer efficiency.

Technology Interchange: Polyester Powder Coatings: TGIC vs. HAA

TGIC-free powder coatings provide cost-saving benefits to finishers by offering superior first-pass transfer efficiencies. August 2017 2.

what is tgic polyester powder coating

Australia has also acted to regulate and restrict the use of TGIC powder coatings. This makes epoxies better suited to indoor applications.

what is tgic polyester powder coating

This mandate provided added savings: Exposure occurs by breathing in dust containing TGIC, by skin contact and by ingestion. June 2016 2. You may also notice an odor during application and cure and smoke can also be created in the oven during cure, so keep an eye on your application and cure parameters when applying.