What is product line filling

Line depth refers to the number of subcategories a category has.

what is product line filling

Archives 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012. Reference entries product line filling in A Dictionary of Marketing 3 Length: Proctor and Gamble has various product lines. A downward stretch of the product line is when a firm introduces lower quality products that they are normally associated with — such as the Apple example above.

What is product line filling? What is product line pruning?

Advertising, sales promotion and public relations - marketing Managing direct and online marketing - marketing Marketing Mix - Marketing Management Managing retailing, wholesaling and market logistics - marketing. Certainly, the product line is too short if the company could increase profits by adding items to it.

what is product line filling

Learning Objectives Describe the relationship between product line breadth and the product marketing mix. The specific strategy to accomplish these aims may be in several general categories, described below. Product line length.

what is product line filling

Learning Objectives Discuss strategies for adjusting products in response to changes in consumer taste and the marketplace. Product mix decisions. Line-pruning strategies involve the process of getting rid of products that no longer contribute to company profits.

Product Line. Because of factors such as these, a decision is made either to identify ways of adjusting the product in order to further distinguish it from others, or to design a strategy that will eliminate the product and make way for new products. Down-Market Stretch: Maruti Suzuki had launched Alto in the year 2000 which was a product between two other models of Maruti- Maruti 800 and Maruti Zen.


As more brands enter the marketplace, winning and holding buyers becomes more difficult. Over time firms typically introduce new products and add them to their existing product lines. Overview of Pricing Strategies — Finding the right... An image consultant can productize their service by offering a package which includes a clothes and accessories shopping trip, beauty salon visit, and make-up application.

what is product line filling

Therefore, product line decisions need to be integrated with product mix decisions. A product line is a group of products that are closely related manufactured by a single company. This South Korean multinational conglomerate went from having almost no smartphone sales to selling over 50 million units per quarter over the course of two years.

line filling

Using modern robotics technology has halved the manufacturing costs of several products. Role of Reference Prices in Pricing Decisions —... Products as a Bundle of Benefits — Products... Learning Objectives State the criteria required to productize a service.