What is gender bender day photos

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Gender Bender Day Causes Confusion

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what is gender bender day photos

I do not think that a gender bender day is very appropriate. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here... Share on Facebook.

what is gender bender day photos

News Update Sign Up Panel. Main Navigation. Thing is…why was it an option to begin with? It's Back to School at Western Plains! Ola over Broadway: As part of the Spirit Week festivities , Monday was "Gender Bender Day," in which boys dressed like girls and girls dressed like boys.

Gender Bender Day is sexist and insensitive

North wind 8 to 14 mph. Franscesa May joins OHS staff. Gender Bender Day is also fun for teenagers, a way to see how they would dress up as the opposite gender if they were one. So why is it okay for our school to participate in sexism? Gender Bender Day by Todd Vogts on January 31, 2011 4d46e4b3a7994 Several students took part in today's "gender bending" Spirit Week dress-up competition.

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what is gender bender day photos