What is a nylon 66 worth

Again, any opinion you may share will be greatly appreciated. Manufacturer Date Codes Review: Never been fired. I have a Remington 22 nylon 66 the only letters I find are C... Introduction to the Remington Nylon Rifles How much is it worth? No serial ,fired 10 times and in excellent condition.

what is a nylon 66 worth

I bought that one. It has one very light scratch on the left side of the butt stock. Jerry Casaday. Just last week, they had another maybe a left over from last fall. I do not understand these stupid people as they seem to just hate their money.

Remington nylon 66 .22 LR value?

Have a 66 in orignal box with all paper work. How much is it worth? Choose a video to embed. I would pay that,maybe a tad more.

What is the resale value of a Remington .22 caliber Nylon 66 autoloader rifle?

I try not to be a stupid person too often but I do come to these sites to get the experts best advice. May 2, 2009 1.

what is a nylon 66 worth

Can a scope be mounted on a Remington nylon 66 rifle? Introduction to the Remington Nylon Rifles. I, for example set a price limit on what I will pay for certain types of rifles. May 3, 2009 12. May 3, 2009 6.

what is a nylon 66 worth

Like Loading... The model 11 is a bolt action clip, the model 12 is a bolt action magazine tube, and the model 66 is a autoloader also a magazine tube. I don't want to sell it, I was just curious. Hope this helps.