What episode does kazuma kiss ayano

What episode does Kazuma kiss Ayano?

I don't like them much as a couple. They are a pretty crappy couple. Jun 2007 Posts: The kiss on the neck was funny... It would be funny if he deflected that attack and said something like: Better to correct your mistake and just kill him this time around.

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It was like a hentai doujin or some shit. DarkShards Offline Joined: Well I was expecting his defeat... Upon his return, he ended up in a confrontation with his father, of whom he bested with the power of wind magic.

what episode does kazuma kiss ayano

He is tall around 5'10 with brown hair, pale skin and orange-brown eyes, which turn blue when he uses his Contractor powers. Ayano even notes that, for all his faults, Kazuma is ultimately a good person who cares about doing the right thing.

what episode does kazuma kiss ayano

His usual attire consists of a black shirt, a navy blue jacket, and gray pants. They don't kiss! Whlie i still don't like this arc, this episode was good.

Kazuma Yagami

It is later revealed that after Kazuma was banished from his family, his only desire became achieving great power. Kaze no Stigma Episode 23 Disc...

what episode does kazuma kiss ayano

Bloodshot-Shanks said: Is there a kaze no stigma season 2? BBCode Signature removed. May 2011 Posts: Kazuma is a handsome and attractive young man.

what episode does kazuma kiss ayano

Yeah, right.