What does crooked pinky fingers mean

If your pinky finger curves inwardly, you typically hate confrontation and spend way too much of your time behaving in ways that work. My daughter, who has three boys all have the short pinky.

Curved pinky fingered people are peacemakers. In palmistry, the pinky is connected to dreams and ambitions for the future. People with long thick bottom phalanges on the pinkie tend to be more acquisitive than others.

what does crooked pinky fingers mean

I love to learn and study.. This type indicates an inability to connect with sensitive and easily offended people.

Your Pinky Fingers Could Reveal Volumes About Your Personality

I am the only one in my family with this oddity. The term 'clinodactyly' origins from the Greek terms: Delayed Growth Growth delays happen when your child doesn't grow at the normal rate for their age.

what does crooked pinky fingers mean

Login via email. Does that mean something?!?

what does crooked pinky fingers mean

Does your pinky have four joints or an extra line? We all have moments in life where we feel like the whole world is just ignoring us, but if you adopt the following habits, you'll see things quickly change... Send Manually Not You? Individuals with this pinky type are excellent public speakers and writers.


Everything means something. A short pinky finger can indicate that you are shy and reserved , particularly around strangers. You feel like rebelling, but have a pressing need to be practical and responsible. I find myself having problems in communicating.

What Is Clinodactyly?

Look at the top part of your pinky finger. My question is this: Eat These 3 Things Instead. A square-tipped pinky indicates that you have a handful of admirable qualities. Maybe not so surprizing at all. Now, look at your hand palm-down, and focus on the top joint of the little finger.

It is estimated to affect about 10 percent of the general population to varying degrees.

what does crooked pinky fingers mean

I liked ur suggestions and I likes ur articles hello sapna my questions is I have short and croved pinkies finger and In my right hand second line is very straight nd first is small nd little bit curves..