What cat breed acts like a dog

what cat breed acts like a dog

These cats love heights and can jump just about wherever they want. Sometimes, Percy just has to understand that he is a cat, and he is safer inside. A wonderful cat for the dog-lover, this breed is known to for his canine behaviors, which include similar feeding rituals, playful nature and dependence on his owner.

Playful and energetic, American Curls have the curiosity of an average cat without its indifferent nature, allowing it to investigate its environment while looking for some attention from its people. DragoNika via Shutterstock.

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Rescue While many rescue animals are mixed breeds-several types of cat rolled into one, unique pet-rescue cats can be a wonderful option for people looking to own a sociable, dog-like feline. Sphynx and other hairless cats love to interact with their owners and housemates. View article. Jarda schuler via Shutterstock.

what cat breed acts like a dog

Dogs are loved for their energetic, curious, affectionate personalities, which is just part of what makes them such a popular pet.

Known for going completely limp—just like a ragdoll—when you pick them up, Ragdolls are laid-back, mild-mannered and loving pets.

Consider the Exotic Shorthair with that adorable pudgy face.

10 Most Dog-Like Cat Breeds

Their beautiful long hair gives character, but their playful personalities make them even more appealing. Perhaps if we can find a cat breed that looks or acts like a dog, we can get the best of both worlds in one pet! Turkish Angora Immediately recognized for their luxurious white coat, these furry beasts crave more attention than your average house cat.

Looking for a pet with all of the low-maintenance care of a cat but the affectionate personality of a pup?

You You want a Dog-like Cat, get an 'Aby'

Many of them enjoy playing catch. Others love cats.

what cat breed acts like a dog

This cat breed is relatively obedient, and can be trained to do small tricks, just like dogs. American curl Image: The Bobtail has earned a reputation as a doglike cat.

Dog-like Cat Breeds

They're playful, mischievous and determined, making them well suited for a home with lots of activity. Burmese Image: Xseon via Shutterstock.

what cat breed acts like a dog

Notorious for their lack of tail, the Manx form some of the strongest bonds with their owners. The Maine Coon grows playful and devoted.