This is how we roll memes funny

It was everything we never knew we needed.

this is how we roll memes funny

A post shared by Jonathan Lim quickmathsguy on Dec 14, 2017 at 2: Though this still of Meryl Streep is from 2015, the icon proved, once again, that she ' s truly ageless by becoming a meme in 2017. Nothing New.

this is how we roll memes funny

It's been almost five years since the word "selfie" was inducted into the Oxford Dictionary, and named the word of the year, evolving from a net speak word that our parents thought was gibberish, to landing a stable position in English history.

When You Get Shy. SpongeBob has always been someone we admired, but we ' ve never related to him more with his mocking meme.

10 Funny National Selfie Day 2018 Memes That You’ll Seriously Relate To

By Kaitlyn Wylde. This meme is a MOOD. You couldn ' t go anywhere or do anything without this smiling frankfurter popping up. Top 20 Funniest Memes of 2018 So Far. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply.

The Most Relatable Memes of 2017, According to Us

Your brain literally cannot comprehend how there is not a single photo that you are happy with. We've all taken that selfie that says one thing that means another. I Am A Queen. The clip quickly went viral and a meme was born.


But it did have its moments. The physical embodiment of this came in the Roll Safe meme. Remember when you were a kid and you ' d pretend the floor is lava? Want more hilarious memes?

this is how we roll memes funny

The Fortnite obsession is real and with obsessions comes memes. It makes fun of the masculine stereotype while also being a play-on-words with Kim. Krusty Krab vs. But let's be honest, we only feel that way if we don't get the picture we were after. Even if you're having the worst day, a lot of likes on a selfie can make you feel suddenly high on life and a lot like a queen.

This meme shows the conflict between doing the right thing going straight or doing the wrong thing turning.

this is how we roll memes funny

Because there's no better way to celebrate the selfie than by celebrating the relatable social media culture that's been inspired by it. This meme originated from a recording where everyone either heard Laurel or Yanny. Real Quick! This is one of my personal favorites.