Thats what i thought about

It got marked as wrong, but why would this tense not be possible? That is what I put and now it's wrong? I gave that answer today Jan 18, 2018 and it was correct.

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I think because you still need to to include "that" in the sentence; otherwise you're just saying "It's what I thought", but the question was asking you translate "THAT is what I thought".

I am a native speaker and, just in case, I asked my mom and she also said that it was correct.

thats what i thought about

Would "Eso es lo que he pensado" also work? The discussion begins with saying the correct translation is "Eso Pense'. Also, 'i thought that', wouldnt that kinda be 'bad' english? Wellllll, I guess it is expressing the same idea. It's not wrong. In this context I think it should be "eso" because we don't know what you are thinking about, as in we don't know if what you're thinking about is masculine or feminine.

thats what i thought about

Romil8 12 5 5. MarkNeff727 25. It absolutely does.

thats what i thought about

NRPL123 24 18 14 14 11 11 11 10 143. And according to my high school Spanish teacher, it is more acceptable to use "creer" for "to think something is true ", i.

"That is what I thought."

I put "Eso es lo que pense" and it was accepted. However "lo" is not part of the answer given. In this sentence I used "ese" and was told that I should have used "eso". I know yo is redundant, but why cannot it be put there for emphasis? Fluent2B 23.

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Thanks in advance, have a great days.