Null in oracle where clause date

null in oracle where clause date

If we are dealing with columns which do not have null values.. I read this in one document. At that instance of creating their service record, their start date is the same as their end date so the subquery would select by using the condition where the start date equals the end date.

This is what I have: The result: Optimization May 22, 2006 - 8: Sign up using Facebook.


I suppose I was expecting the plans to be different erroneously so in a sense that one would be better than the other one, which was not the case.

This looks very big and not optimized.

null in oracle where clause date

Please advice me.. Having worked with Oracle since v. One more thing to add.

null in oracle where clause date

Hi Tom, I have been trying to fetch rows from table A if it doesn't exist multiple times in table B.. Previous page Next page. If you want to see all the employees with no commission filled in you can issue a statement like this:. Thanks in Advance! Tables are not analyzed as we are doing a data conversion where the tables do not have indexes.

Date Types

The problem i am having is when the date is null that is being compared against. My question is did CBO treat both the queries as similar?

null in oracle where clause date

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My query was: But this is not the case. That's a really neat piece of information. I live in Ukraine and have a question to you: Hi Tom, See this example: