My washer smells when it runs

Why Does My Front Load Washer Smell Bad?

Run an Empty Wash with Vinegar This is the best answer if you want to know how to clean a smelly washing machine drum. Or does one use the supplied curved U piece to hang the discharge pipe into the line. Run a cleaning cycle at least monthly.

Read the directions carefully and don't use more than the bottle says to.

my washer smells when it runs

Share this article. Before you resign yourself to a musty, mildewy, sour-scented existence, consider this: And therein lies the irony: Sorry to hear your sniffer is suffering! If you have a front-load model, also wipe around the rubber seal with a wet cloth, and use a Q-tip to remove accumulated gunk around the gasket.

my washer smells when it runs

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my washer smells when it runs

Clean your machine with a soft cloth after a complete wash. Sep 2, 2004 Occupation: Do you have any tips of your own on how to clean a smelly washing machine? Apr 17, 2012. Is your washer and laundry room well ventilated? The way it is now the drum works like a mini toilet, when water starts to flow through it siphons the trap dry.

Rotten Egg smell when washer runs

Remove the soap detergent drawer to clean it out thoroughly. Sometimes, even the hardest-working appliances need a little TLC to get back on track. Then it is trapped in a warm, moist machine or drainage pipe, just waiting for a mold or mildew spore and bacterium that are in the air to find a home and grow and begin to smell.