Mortar misfires when hot

Cooling the barrel.

What Causes A Mortar to Misfire?

The F-15E Strike Eagle will be the first aircraft to receive the revolutionary weapon. My Profile News Home Page. Hilda Clayton and four other Afghan National Army Soldiers on 2 July 2013 in Laghman Province, Afghanistan, news has spread like wildfire about the live-fire exercise that tragically took them too soon.

Very Dangerous 120mm Mortar Misfire. Sandbags, empty ammo boxes, or anything else that will furnish the required support may be used to maintain safe elevation of the muzzle.

mortar misfires when hot

Specifically configured for the Indian Air Force, the F-21 provides unmatched opportunities and strengthens. Insufficient training, unclear instruction, or a simple mistake or moment of confusion can have devastating consequences.

Ultimately, it comes down to the level of attention that both instructors and students give to help prevent the bulk of these accidents, as well as the thorough testing of all rounds and systems before their use.

mortar misfires when hot

The gunner changes the firing selector to the S safe position, and then kicks the lower portion of the cannon fig. The above procedures are similar for both the conventional mode and the hand-held mode. The 60mm mortar system has a long history in warfare — it was used as far back as World War II. Double-stacked mortars could have been one cause of the explosion in Afghanistan, but faulty ammo could have played a part as well. This is to dislodge. A Mexican soldier slams into the ground after he was pulled into the air by a giant flag at.

mortar misfires when hot

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Very Dangerous 120mm Mortar Misfire

The assistant gunner stops it with his thumbs, then removes the round from the bore and places it in the designated area.

A misfire is a complete failure to fire.

mortar misfires when hot

The official report showed that human error was responsible for this incident, as the Marines had been previously trained on 81mm mortar system and had recently transitioned to the 60mm system. Most Popular Videos. Video Editors' Picks.

mortar misfires when hot

It's free. Minigun, Max Power: The major difference is the support needed for the M225 cannon, since the hand-held mode is without a biped. What leads to these accidents, and how can they be prevented?