Middle of nowhere bounty board shotgun news

New Vegas.

middle of nowhere bounty board shotgun news

Take the Machine Gun Magazine from the roof of a round hut near the Claptrap. To find the Combat Rifle Stock, run across the bridge to the camp. He does have less health in PT1 though. Characters left: So, I keep at it. Started a new Lilith and at level 3 jumped the fence and got a car.

middle of nowhere bounty board shotgun news

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Hidden Journal: Rust Commons East

Scythids are more annoying than Varkids. Jump on the crate to leap up on top of the building, and head for the power line antennae. Is he doable solo in normal mode at this level?

middle of nowhere bounty board shotgun news

Edit 2: To get the Revolver Sight, head on up to the second level of the station, near the cage around that big pump and pipe. Take a look at the vid for Lilith.

Middle Of Nowhere No More: Scoot On Back

I change their builds when ever I feel like it. Head south and find the first one by the cliff, behind a small building, underneath a box that you have to overturn. You might want to take a look at this post ported from the old forums before you go any further:. From here you can climb up onto the roof of this building and get the Barrel.

I would consider this a question about what you did last, or what you will do next. The Combat Rifle Barrel is just at the end of that ramp, off to the side.

It was fun! The Stock is on box on the bridge.

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middle of nowhere bounty board shotgun news

Edit 3: First off, head over to the waypoint marker, which leads you over to an abandoned Catch-A-Ride station.