Meerkat app twitter to see who looks

The result? Those are the basics for Periscope.

meerkat app twitter to see who looks

Are you wondering if you should consider Meerkat or Periscope? Next on the home screen, you see buttons to schedule an announcement for an upcoming live streaming event and start live streaming.

meerkat app twitter to see who looks

The end result: Where will you be travelling to next via live-streaming video? You can also log out from this screen. During the live streams you can chat with the person broadcasting as well as other viewers. Here's how! Some found these blasts on their behalf to be a surprise, though Meerkat warns users it will tweet for them.

Periscope vs. Meerkat for your YouTube Audience

By John Patrick Pullen March 27, 2015. You can also click on a user to see his or her profile and have the option to follow that user on Periscope.

meerkat app twitter to see who looks

The bottom of the home screen shows upcoming live streams from people you follow. Earlier today I downloaded Meerkat, and seconds later I was broadcasting a demo of the Boosted Board electric skateboard as I rode through San Francisco.

From here, click on the Share Broadcast link to share the broadcast on Twitter. If you scroll down, you can see whether the people you follow have recently broadcasted live and find a list of recent broadcasts. The updates are launching on both iOS and Android on Wednesday, with the exception that users cannot yet stream cameos on Android, Rubin said. What Is the Meerkat App?

Periscope review: does Twitter's live-streaming service beat Meerkat?

A slew of startups have swung at social live streaming and missed. The only real downside to the reliance on Twitter is that Meerkat links live forever in tweets, even through the streams they lead to may be over and gone in a few minutes.

meerkat app twitter to see who looks

Comments telling me to keep my eyes on the road poured onto my screen. Viewers can also comment on the stream using the mobile app, but these posts do not appear on Twitter, keeping the video sharing service walled-off from the social network, and cutting down on tweets.

When you download the Meerkat mobile app currently available for iOS users only , you get a better viewing experience than on a desktop.

Cut Off By Twitter, Meerkat Turns To Facebook For Views

Watching a live stream inside the Meerkat app. I was now sitting behind the plate at a Dodgers baseball game in LA!

meerkat app twitter to see who looks

But not every comparison between Periscope and Meerkat is fair.