Jontron clips excuse me what the hell

Click here to see who has Gold Flair and why! Look at this! Display Show Spoilers. Is-is that my game dad? Connect to YouTube No thanks. Another one is: The series has no real continuity, and as such, one can start watching at any point with the same experience. We can't do enough to shed a critical light on Stormfront talking points.

The Prestige Pardon my intrusion! Look it up. It implies that you're delicate and that you think you're unique "No two snowflakes are alike" but in reality you're not, you're just some small, meaningless spec.

Now look at that, look at that face. They had to amend the Civil Rights Act in the 90s because of shit like that. I think this is my final chance to find a gaming machine. He was also a founding member of Game Grumps , until he left in 2013 to focus on his own endeavours, pushing JonTron into a second season. I'm going to let you in on a tip, the people you hate that enjoy the same content as you are in the same discussions and community as you.

Now you gotta hit those mices, but you want to cushion the blow. Are they referring to the vine or is it another reference to something else?

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Is that my house? That was the part I hoped he'd actually address. Sure, but at the same time it's difficult to take Jon at face value when he says to 'not read into' the stuff that he said. You are looking full and robust today. Jump to: Except you don't, you go home and play some GTA V.

This whole video is just backtracking and it shows. You always know you're in for something good. Nah, scratch that, some dumb idiot probably just don't get English.


This is exactly the same game as the one for the NES, but this one has much better. Looking through your history, you spend hours on end just insulting the alt-right.

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