Huawei hg232f dd-wrt vlan howto

Save your changes by clicking Save. It worked for Broadcom in the past, I'm still working on getting it compiled for Atheros.

Los Angeles, CA Registered: Set the IP Address to 192. Paladin wrote:. Good luck with OpenWrt, you should find better success there as I recall correctly they support much higher vlan ids. Wolf Kodi!!!!!!

DDWRT - Multiple SSIDs with VLANS

I suppose the thing that has me confused here is, I don't have a well-defined concept of bridge; Probably because Smoothwall handled that for me and I never had to worry about it. More details in my topic here: You'll need to be sure to create VLANs from your gateway and switch.

huawei hg232f dd-wrt vlan howto

Unplug the power for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Most enterprise-level networks today use the virtual LANs. Step 4: So whenever someone authenticates into this section, this VLAN will assign it a user address in your network.

Thu Oct 27, 2011 16: Tue Apr 18, 2017 10: Reply 5. The only ethernet port listed is eth2, is this correct?

huawei hg232f dd-wrt vlan howto

To test each VLAN, connect to that port. This will create a network on each port that is isolated from all the other ports. If the ISP has an approved method for putting it in bridge mode then go with that, if you can find anyone who has done bridge mode before then go with what they recommend.

Set the Subnet Mask to 255.

VLAN Detached Networks (Separate Networks With Internet)

I've flashed my Dlink DIR-615 and this really bugged me, too. Also WAN routing was not covered…. I've got it set up as double NAT at the moment with 2 sets of port-forwarding rules which is an okay work around for the time being. Jump to:

huawei hg232f dd-wrt vlan howto