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At 17, he ran off to experience life among others like him in single-room-occupancy hotels.

Howard Geld, 42, Advocate for Mentally Ill, Dies

Geld was widely credited with being a pioneer in advocacy for mental patients, founding or co-founding many organizations that are now part of national and international movements. Each session will start promptly at 1: I'd rather learn how to control it, rather than be cured of it.

howie the harp nyc

Professional Development The history and value of peer work. See next articles. Every year in October we pause to celebrate the accomplishments of HTH graduates.

howie the harp nyc

The Howie the Harp Advocacy Center HTH is both a job training academy for peers, located in Harlem, and a training model that can be replicated, under license, by other service providers. He also founded or helped found Project Release in New York in 1975 and several advocacy groups in California in the 1980's. To put classroom training into practice, HTH participants complete 12-week internships in a small number of cases: Howie the Harp.

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The cause was apparently a heart attack, said Steve Coe, executive director of Community Access, a nonprofit housing and advocacy agency for the mentally ill. We seek applicants with diverse experiences. Before, during, and after their internships, HTH participants are partnered with Career Coaches who offer tailored, one-to-one guidance and advice.

howie the harp nyc

Geld became involved in formal advocacy through the Insane Liberation Front in Oregon in 1971 and returned to New York shortly thereafter to begin the Mental Patients Liberation Project. People with mental health conditions who also have co-experiences such as a history of incarceration, homelessness, military service or identify as LGBT, for example, are strongly encouraged to apply. News World U. View page in TimesMachine.

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Here's where we're located:. At his death, Mr.

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They are supported with weekly stipends, and through an Internship Support Group, which encourages professional networking and goal-setting. Founded in 1995, our award-winning Howie the Harp Advocacy Center trains individuals with a lived experience in the mental health system for direct service, supervisor, and management roles within Human Services.