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July 24, 1985 Associated Press. Copyright 2019 Los Angeles Times.

Glass: Material Matters

At one time such an oversight might have been explicable, if not forgivable. Relief pitcher Steve Howe admitted to Minnesota Twins officials Monday night that he used cocaine last weekend, suffering what the team called a "temporary recurrence of his past problem.

howard fox lacma curator

Three years from now, "Sunset Crash" will be among the big draws of the most comprehensive exhibition devoted to Carlos Almaraz, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Fox, 52, a co-founder of many of the gay and lesbian caucuses that exist within the California Democratic Party, including the Stonewall Democratic Club, the first gay-oriented group formed to work within the traditional party structure. Carlos Almaraz's time is coming, nearly 30 years after death.

howard fox lacma curator

Miller guided the club to a 50-50 record and a fourth-place finish. Despite its vibrant Japanese community, Los Angeles has not seen a major exhibition of contemporary art from Japan in living memory.

Howard Fox

Howe Works Out at Minnesota. A Rare Find: Miller's firing was announced by club President Howard Fox.

howard fox lacma curator

Neither Miller nor Fox would say much about Howe's visit Monday. Terms of Service. How do you get couch potatoes to venture from their home entertainment centers and partake in the fine arts?

howard fox lacma curator

For years, nobody was certain if the nation produced new art that could be called either Japanese or contemporary. He was on the field for about 30 minutes and then that threesome, along with agent Jim Hawkins, had lunch.

Great Walls Unlimited Project, the recently revitalized city-funded mural program. Privacy Policy.

howard fox lacma curator

Mary's College by three heavy-hitters of the L. Howard A.