How to unlock the iphone 5s orientation

Edit it. If not, then power down, swap the two 1.

how to unlock the iphone 5s orientation

You will know that the portrait orientation lock is turned on when you see the icon at the top of the screen that is identified in this article. This should fix the problem.

iPhone 101: Lock / unlock screen rotation

Add your answer Sam will be eternally grateful. Hey presto swipe up control centre, turn off rotation. Joris tan. He suspected the accelerometer was broken, but was confused because it still worked in games and apps like Google Maps. Ditto with the other 1.

Apple® iPhone® - Lock / Unlock Screen Portrait Orientation Mode

Rene Rep: Thank you Tom. If all functions other than the sensors seem to be working fine, and you've just replaced the battery, then here is what to do: Here you can unlock screen orientation as usual.

how to unlock the iphone 5s orientation

Phone is an Iphone 4. Is it possible that it's a software problem? He remarked how frustrating it was, and that he'd booked an appointment with a Apple Genius.

iPhone 5 Screen won't rotate

I have the same problem. Tom Kendall tkendall1.

how to unlock the iphone 5s orientation

Posted on Aug 13, 2014 10: From around the web. I reorganized the screws and voila, everything works perfectly.

how to unlock the iphone 5s orientation

Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. Back Answers Index.

You will need good lighting, fine tweezers, and even finer motor skills. What is that mean. Found the right location of the screws by googling it.