How to splint a dog broken foot

Applying further layers of padding and bandage helps to hold the splint in place and further immobilizes any fractures.

Spoon Splint

Then, open the sterile packaging on the cotton bandage and wind a layer over the top of the Soffban, using the same technique. Step 2 Hold the dog still, or have a helper hold him still if someone is available to help, and gently rinse the wound with water or a light saline solution.

how to splint a dog broken foot

Placing weight on the broken limb will not only increase the amount of pain your dog will experience, it will also cause the bones to move apart and make the fracture worse. I know there are no-kill shelters that would have information about veterinarians who might see you at no cost because of your generous and big heart. Seal the loose end of the bandage with medical tape to keep it in place.

Warnings Whether you splint your dog's leg or not, you should take him to an animal hospital or clinic as soon as possible.

How to Give First Aid to Your Dog

Keep in mind that he is in pain and doesn't mean it. Simple sprains, strains and dislocations may produce limping and localized swelling too.

how to splint a dog broken foot

It's your responsibility to make sure your dog is not suffering. As seen, splints gone wrong can sometimes be more damaging than the fracture itself especially if there are also skin wounds!

Help for a Dog With a Fractured, Broken Toe

The outer layer will help to keep the inner layers clean, which becomes more of a priority if the dressing has to stay in place for several days. With dogs , as with human beings, all bones are subject to breakage, but leg fractures are by far the most common. Apply a little bit of tension to the Soffban as you wind, so that it stretches slightly but does not tear.

how to splint a dog broken foot

The bandage will need to be replaced regularly so the wound can be cleaned, so you will need to remove and attach the splint at least once a day during the first week or two. Say your dog breaks a bone in their leg like their shin or elbow bone, and then tries to stand and walk on the damaged bone.

how to splint a dog broken foot

Pull the dog against this object and tie the leash so the dog cannot move its head. Not Helpful 5 Helpful 3.

how to splint a dog broken foot

Overtime, you will start to be able to tell your dog is feeling like his old self again as his mood will change. Please select your preferred country and language. New cat parent. Zinc oxide tape is a fabric tape with adhesive, so you could use alternatives like sticky tape, duct tape, or even shoelaces tied around the splint and leg to secure it in place.