How to restore lost itunes library

Restore your iTunes library

Wait until the backup is finished and enjoy your iPhone music in iTunes! A hard drive crash can mean losing all of your stuff, including the files in iTunes library, but there're ways to tackle this problem and help to rebuild library as painlessly as possible. In this case, you can restore to a specific folder and choose the location on your new computer that is equivalent to the original location.

how to restore lost itunes library

Dummy entries will do, but there must be at least one if the data is to be retrieved from the device in step 7 below. Download CopyTrans. The best tool to transfer, backup and manage your iPhone iPad content, even iTunes, iCloud backup files. You may also like: Restoring Phone Numbers Deleted on Phone.

how to restore lost itunes library

Then you finally successfully recover music to iTunes Library. The Choose iTunes Library window appears.

how to restore lost itunes library

Once the backup is done, your iTunes library is back to the way it was: You can do far more than just restore the lost iTunes media library, though. Freeware Freeware. See HT204136: Can also add other data as notes to non-iOS devices.

4 Easy Ways to Restore Lost iTunes Library

All you can really do is just re-download your purchases. The user tip Backup your iTunes for Windows library with SyncToy gives a suggested way of doing this effectively for Windows users.

how to restore lost itunes library

Suppose that you've backed up your iTunes media collection to an external hard drive like a USB memory stick prior to the hard drive crash, then the recovery of iTunes library could be pretty simple — just replace it and get back the lost iTunes stuff.

Hard drive failure on computer is inevitable, and you never think losing your local iTunes media files music, movies, playlists, etc will happen to you until it actually does. Windows 10 Windows 8. Although a backup should include the contents of the camera roll it is probably best to copy off your photos and videos to local storage at the same time.

How to restore iTunes library from iPod or iPhone?

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how to restore lost itunes library

The loss of sensitive, one-of-a-kind items like photos and personal documents can be heartbreaking. Once you've got a new hard drive, these four options can help you recover your iTunes music after a hard drive crash.