How to make a twisted wire brush

How to Solder Copper Pipe in a Wall.

how to make a twisted wire brush

At this point you can take care of any misaligned bristles sticking out of either end. A high-E string on my guitar measured 0. Use as much solder as necessary. At least not yet... Rubber tape or Heat-shrink tubing This is used to produce a non-slip grip, and will cover up any sharp points that may be present around the handle.

If the bristles are clean, the solder should flow readily into the crevices between the bristles and form a solid bond.

The Tiny Wire Brush

You will need: Is the size adequate for your particular needs? Did you make this project? Roll the stack around the wire, like a sushi roll. The one used here is from a length of clothesline, which consists of two bundles of twisted steel wire, coated with a layer of nylon.

No problem. The technique is pretty much the same.

how to make a twisted wire brush

Adjust accordingly. You can also file any sharp edges at this point. Don't wrap all the way till the end of the handle. Power tools are great, but hand tools tend to remain quite reliable over a greater range of circumstances.

Cut the wire into short sections of equal length. The wire will fly off in random directions upon being cut.

Well, this has been a fun little project. Solder the bristles at the handle end, which should be reasonably aligned by now. Besides, this is an Instructable! Continue wrapping.

how to make a twisted wire brush

I hope this finds as many uses for the makers and DIYers of the world as it has for me. Also, try to avoid forming protruding solder spikes as you move your iron away from the work piece.