How to make a sequence shot cameras

A large, soft brush like this will do the trick! Save as a psd for future editing and a jpeg for tossing it up on Insta! Don't delete these original layers just in case you mess up or want to tweak with them more.

how to make a sequence shot cameras

I find that although it would be nice to have a tripod it's also not that hard to align the images afterwards by setting layers to half transparent. E , work your way around "Frame 1 copy".

Having the proper memory card also helps. Related Tutorials.

Action Sequence Photography

Here's how. Finally, if you have ANY feedback — what worked, what confused you, etc — shoot me an email. You can see in the image below how stacking the images looks like with out any background.

If it's a smaller jump, you can make your subject cover more of the frame by being closer with a wide lens like a fisheye or wide angle. Master your camera in the shortest time possible. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and a movie is worth a thousand pictures.

Try a couple different angles, too!

how to make a sequence shot cameras

Taking photographs at such a high frame rate will help you capture more of the action, more quickly. Once Photoshop has opened and layered all the images, rename and arrange the layers so the first frame is located on the bottom and work your way up through the sequence stacking the layers respectively. General Post.

It might take 30ish seconds to load.

How To Get Killer Sequence Photos Part 1

If you're still having trouble, you can watch the full screen recording of how I photoshopped the image above. Leave a comment: Adobe Lightroom makes this pretty simple. The photo above was taken with a Nikon D40x, which has a frame capture rate of 3 frames per second.

Make your Footage Look MORE CINEMATIC with Camera Movement

Each shot should be a layer, and you're going to rearrange these layers sequentially so that the top layer is your first frame, 2nd highest layer is the 2nd frame, and so on, until the last frame of your sequence is the bottom layer. To get a fast shutter speed, you need a lot of light. Try to line up the photo so most of the action occurs near one of the thirds divisions.

how to make a sequence shot cameras

This tends to result in a visually interesting image. To see what your camera does, test it first by seeing how many shots it can take before starting to slow down. Shoutout to the polygonal lasso tool.