How to hike to the wave

How to hike the wave! - The Wave at Coyote Buttes

We rented a jeep and headed out to the BLM station just east of house rock valley road, the day before our hike, to talk with rangers about the hike... Trespassers will be prosecuted, and BLM rangers frequent the area.

how to hike to the wave

We had heard stories of the dangers and difficulties, even warned to take a guide, but maybe we were foolhardy or lucky. This is House Rock Road. Now heading south, we could see the twin buttes that we must pass on the right. Twin Buttes - As travel continues south, two large buttes come into view. Average hiking time: In The Wave, I found trash, water bottles, even a man's jockey shorts!

how to hike to the wave

Moderate to the Wave and dinosaur tracks. Good for you!

Evidently, the ranger was ticketing people coming back from The Wave on the regular route. It's where city traffic is absent and the skies are bright and clean. There is a big fine for that! Hello, I am one of the 30 percent who made an attempt to hike to the wave and got lost lol about 8 — 9 years ago.

how to hike to the wave

English 213. From the arch, the red cones of South Coyote Butte are visible. Amazing swirls in the sandstone. You can see the notch to the wave as soon as you hike up the first slick rock.

Traveler type. We took a right down the wash to wire pass, a great slot canyon that leads to Bucksin gulch, the longest slot canyon in North America! In the alcove, fine grains of sand have been tossed and turned, wielded by wind, leaving a sculptured creation carefully piled in its bowels.