How to grow brussel sprouts in containers

How To Grow Brussels Sprouts Pruning & Trimming #64 Heirloom Organic Vegetable Garden

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Aphids are the most common pest, which you can rinse off the foliage with a sharp spray of water. Live Chat: In another day or so, I'll gather some kale.

How to Grow Brussels Sprouts in Containers

See also: Sun exposure: I think these plants are too pretty to disfigure by partial picking, but when each full head is harvested, it'll provide up to four portions.

Each of the ten plants produced scores of small but delectable sprouts. Harvest on sunny days once frosts begin to occur overnight.

how to grow brussel sprouts in containers

Organic None Chemical None. These get smaller following each picking, but their taste sure holds up!

how to grow brussel sprouts in containers

When outside in the summer, container-grown plants generally need water at least once a day. Brussels sprouts grow slowly in cool weather, which may make them seem less than ideal for containers, which tend to be dry, warm environments.

They will be firm and green.

how to grow brussel sprouts in containers

During that summer my wife and I savored tomatoes, zucchini, peas, beans, kale, okra, chard, lettuce, and broccoli, all from my 200-square-foot plot of pots. Reblogged this on quarteracrelifestyle and commented: Cabbage Plant Protection - 20 Cabbage Collars.

In winter, a soaking every week or so is usually enough, but do check your plants more often than that.

Growing Brussels Sprouts

Once all the sprouts have been harvested, cut off the green leafy tops and cook like cabbage. Even so, our nine chard plants were very productive; we ate their greens once a week. Work fertilizer into soil a few days before planting or transplanting. Recent transplants are most vulnerable and will die, when plants are lifted you will find small white maggots around the roots.