How to grip tape your lacrosse stick

For many players, taping can also act as a teaching aid.

how to grip tape your lacrosse stick

Beginning at the point where the head meets the shaft, tape a tight spiral down towards the middle of the shaft. Are We Living In It?

How to Tape a Lacrosse Shaft

About the Author. This type of tape job is great for a player who often gets checked a lot or someone looking for a little bit of extra security. Experiment with different styles to see which one you like the most and then stick with it. The top one which is an old cut Surgeon Sci-Ti has a large butt end for shooting purposes. Take a 3-Day Free Trial.

Ages 7-10.

Taping Your Stick

Next Post: It also helps give them a more secure grip when they are passing or shooting. See all 6 Lacrosse Courses you get with your subscription!

how to grip tape your lacrosse stick

A properly taped lacrosse stick could make a difference in your game. Tear off a 2- to 3-inch piece of tape and place it over the end cap of the stick, fastening the tape to the tight spiral of tape you have just laid down.

How and Why to Tape Your Lacrosse Stick

Unroll a few inches of the tape, but do not remove it from the roll. This way, your hand will find exactly where it needs to be while passing and shooting.

how to grip tape your lacrosse stick

I suggest wearing your gloves when you do this. Matt Danowski has some great advice for young players when it comes to the lacrosse stick. Lacrosse shafts can often be slick.

Theory: Taping your Stick

Equipment Search Glass GO. Go the same length as your first tape spiral up from the base, and then tear the tape off the roll and place it on the shaft. Taping Your Stick. Get Started Today!