How to edit idoc data

This can be used for example to fast select all the idocs for a certain material number inside the idocs.

Swiss knife for idocs: WLF_IDOC transaction

You can select based on 1 filter just leave the second one empty. The configuration for making fields editable has been added. The problem with this method is that for each segment removed this way, a new idoc is created and is ready for processing. And in the details specify the fields that should be editable.

The new part is the single idoc view: Change idoc status If you have selected idocs in the overview screen you can use this button to change the idoc status: SAP audit log.

how to edit idoc data

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To allow some idoc fields to be edited, you first have to customize this. You can use this for example to change status 51 error in processing to status 68 error — no further processing to avoid the idoc from ever being processed again.

how to edit idoc data

This is really meant for a limited amount of fields in a productive system where business needs to correct idocs most likely wrong reference numbers or dates. In the details these fields have become editable and only these fields:. WE19 is not meant for productive use. Now enter the message type and segment you will allow editing.

Allowing some idoc fields to be edited directly To allow some idoc fields to be edited, you first have to customize this. If you select and idoc and press the Process button: It is not suitable for mass processing or test functions. Next Next post: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Edit Idoc data and reprocess..?

This will give you a more complete overview of the idoc content. You can do online, background or jump to the classical BD87 idoc reprocessing transaction.

how to edit idoc data

Editing idoc content To be able to edit idoc content, there are 2 ways: The only way I can find for doing this includes having to first delete all underlying segments. The blog will answer questions like:

how to edit idoc data