How to draw a cartoon monster

how to draw a cartoon monster

Learn how to draw an indestructible zombie! Extend two curved lines upward from the top of the head, allowing them to meet in a rounded point. Sure the candy's great, but it's the monsters associated with the holiday that I think are what make it especially cool. Are you ready to learn how to draw a cartoon monster? Most will probably be more familiar to you like the types you see and read about in movies and books , but keep your eyes open as I plan on coming up with some completely new monsters as well.

How to Draw a Monster Character

You are the ultimate master of their destiny! You can do whatever you feel like! Use short, jagged lines to add a furry texture to each finger. Get more on YouTube: Continue working on your illustration by sketching two circles for the shoulders. There's never a shortage of creativity...

How to Draw Cartoon Monsters

Everything else - the arms, horns, eyes, etc. We are almost done!

how to draw a cartoon monster

Venus Fly Trap Creature Learn to create an entirely new character - one based on one of nature's most infamous plants... Cartoon Monster Draw this crazy-looking monster - based on what looks to be...

How to Draw a Cartoon Monster

Congratulations and happy drawing! Make yours unique!

how to draw a cartoon monster

Start by working on the head. Your focus now - is solely on being as creative as humanly possible. Repeat this process on the opposite side to form a mirror image of the horn. Bat Monster Just in time for Halloween...