How to double elasticate a pole

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how to double elasticate a pole

Many of the venues I visit have a good mix of skimmers and carp, and pink 4 to 6 Hydro gives me a good balance when targeting skimmers up to 1lb, but because there is the chance of hooking a bonus carp I feel the extra stretch in light hollow elastics gives me more chance to land it.

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how to double elasticate a pole

Relatively new in the range of Hydrolastics from Daiwa, yellow 3 to 5 Hydro slots in as the lowest grade in the range. I thought i might like to give it a try, in say a 4, 5 and 6 as i think that would cover a lot of my fishing. Another positive is the range of hooklengths you can use with white hydro; I could choose to fish as light as 0.

how to double elasticate a pole

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how to double elasticate a pole

A lot of lost fish are caused by using unbalanced tackle I reckon pulla bungs are a great piece of kit, even if your elastic is set spot on it will still take you a lot longer to land a decent fish without one fitted. Snitz Forums 2000. Starbeck Angling Club [url]http: There are elastics for every occasion now and doubled up elastic is strictly for match anglers who know what are going to catch and can't afford to lose fish or play them too long, even the odd one.


That is character! Advertise here. Jump To: Originally posted by davylad quote: Thems old hat, this is what is used now, both my carp top threes have this set up. I suppose its a personal thing what elastics people choose; but i will stick with my single solids.

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Alternatively email HELP maggotdrowning. I always used solid elastics.

how to double elasticate a pole

Site copyright TalkAngling. United Kingdom Member Since 12 January 2011. It is particularly soft, meaning I run no risk of bumping even the smallest of fish; however, when fitted with a puller kit it gives me every opportunity to land a bonus skimmer or carp.