How to cut slate slabs prices Forum

Place your chisel along the side of the straight edge and drag the chisel across the slate to score it. This should then give you curved pavers that fit in perfectly with your garden paving design. Other factors to consider are how many tiles you will need to cut, and how thick and large those tiles are.

Make sure to use a carbide or diamond tipped blade because slate will dull weaker blades. Nice and slow, let the tool do the work. In this case, you'll mark the top of the slate. Method 3.

how to cut slate slabs prices

Bentley Continental GT Convertible: Skill saw or Stihl saw must be a diamond-tipped blade Work stand with adjustable sides Rubber hammer Safety glasses Protective gloves Measuring tape Pencil or chalk.

To cut slate, you'll need to mark the slate so that you have a line to cut across. V8RX7 16,836 posts 201 months.

How to cut paving slabs

Making the cut Raise the handle of the splitter and insert your paving block, positioning it so that the blade hits the block at the right position. Plug in the saw and turn it on. I guess i was wondering whether a circular saw with the standard masonry blade could do in place of an industrial tile saw.

how to cut slate slabs prices

A 9'' electric angle grinder and a diamond disc or a petrol cut off saw with same are the way to go. When the stone breaks in two, remove the blade and switch it off, waiting until it has completely stopped spinning.

how to cut slate slabs prices

I have used diamond tipped blades in the past that work really well. Very dusty and noisy. Email Address: Run against a straight edge clamped to the slab. Be interested to see what comments follow....

Should You Cut Slate Tile with a Circular Saw or Wet Saw?

Cut down the line that you made. I had no previous experience of using such a beast but it wasn't scary. If not, click on "Settings" to change your preferences.

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