How to check front disc brakes

It's amazing how much money you can save by performing regular inspections on your vehicle's major systems. Keep in mind this is a very cursory inspection to see if you have a glaring issue with your brakes.

how to check front disc brakes

How to fit braided brake hoses Why bother? Time tested: With the discs removed check the mounting face on the hub is clear of corrosion similarly if you take the discs off to have the wheels painted then there should be no paint where the hub and disc join.

How to Check Disc Brakes

Share Flipboard Email. On the CBR600 seen here, the minimum permissible disc thickness dealer figure is 3. Measure both sides of the brake pads. Get a professional to inspect your rear brakes. Jack your car up on the side that you want to examine.

Are Your Brakes in Safe Shape?

If you look in between the holes in your tire you can see the rotor, which is the round metal part that your rubber wheel fits over. How to Check Disc Brakes. How do I know my brake pads will suit my discs? Make a line on the straw with a pen and measure it. Worn brake pads are unsafe and prevent your car from coming to a quick halt.

On many cars, you can inspect the brakes without even removing the wheel.

how to check front disc brakes

Shove a straw in between the caliper and the rotor. Obvious really, but knackered brakes can put you in a hedge.

how to check front disc brakes

Jack up your car. Refit the front wheel. Position one prong of the compass on the left side of the pad and position the other prong on the right side of the pad. Check your disc brakes.