How middle eastern women put on makeup

You've probably found that no matter how much you sleep or how much concealer you apply, you just can't get rid of the darkness. It looks wrong.

The Intimate World of Muslim Beauty

But at the moment, it seems that supporters of those changes may have underestimated the seduction of the makeup counter; according to a report in Arab News , the Jeddah-based English-language daily, the average employed woman in the kingdom spends between 70 and 80 percent of her earnings on beauty products. These garments are designed to efface beauty or protect against objectification depending on your perspective , and there is endless debate over how a woman should wear her head scarf: And I couldn't wait.

how middle eastern women put on makeup

Most people might be able to combat an under eye circle with one product, but I recommend a trio of circle-busting goodies. But, eyes are not just about sight and expressions.

If ever a secular, American, female reporter were disposed to embrace the abaya—the floor-length cloak that women in Saudi Arabia are obliged to wear in public at all times—it was this self-conscious beauty junkie. Whether you have down-turned, almond, hooded, deep-set or close-set eyes, you have got to know these ground rules.

how middle eastern women put on makeup

We get major dark spots. Few, if any, of these products may be used or shown in public. That's why I thought it'd be fun to outline the seven common problems that only we Middle Eastern girls would understand. And now, after a few years in the industry, I like to think I've got a handle on what works for the Middle Eastern and South Asian girls like me who just can't seem to find that right foundation shade, or don't know how to get rid of those pesky dark spots.

The Makeup Problems Only Middle Eastern and South Asian Girls Understand

The number one concern I hear about from girls who are from either Middle Eastern or South Asian decent is that, no matter what, they have dark eye circles. So make like Cara and embrace and be proud of what your momma gave you. From the moment I stumbled out of baggage claim, trying to keep my new abaya's trailing hem from getting caught in the wheels of my rolling suitcase, it was as if women had disappeared from the public space.

I had to get a grip. Are your lashes hidden by your upper eyelids or eye bags? Perhaps more importantly, though, I'm a proud woman of color.

The Beauty Industry is Overlooking Middle Eastern Women

In fact, ancient turmeric remedies designed to reverse scarring came from the Middle East! I would buy a black abaya during my layover in Abu Dhabi, I decided, and that would be that.

Dark spots and hyperpigmentation are a huge concern for us. You can still rock a cat eye in black!

Enhancing Middle Eastern and Indian eyes

Occasions for women to express themselves through fashion were especially precious to those who wore an abaya daily, and a customer buying an important piece liked to know that it was the only one of its kind in the whole kingdom.

The thousands of pages I'd read about Saudi history and culture all seemed to confirm a picture of the kingdom as a sort of frivolity-free zone.

how middle eastern women put on makeup

DO try to learn the best proportions and shapes for your facial features and your eyes where the brow should start, end and the overall shape and thickness of the brow that will best suit your face.