How iis process http request object

how iis process http request object

The best and easy to understand article that I've ever read! Ever after reading soo many other articles i still had one or the other doubt running in my mind.. Excellent Explanation… Like Like. A pool of HttpAplication instances is created defined with the machine. In this example, let's compare the IE instance iexplorer.

How ASP.NET Web Pages are Processed on the Web Server

For example, when you change the configuration file of your web application, the Application Manager is in charge to restart the AppDomain to allow all the running application instances your web site instance to be created again for loading the new configuration file you may have changed.

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how iis process http request object

NET Web services,. Thanks Abhijeet, It is very nice article. Thanks Abhijit Jana.

how iis process http request object

A low-level Look at the ASP. HI Abhijit, Its really a wonderful article. More understandable article, Have more knowledge,………………… Thanx. The first things IIS does when a request comes in is decide how to handle the request.

how iis process http request object

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Beginner’s Guide: How IIS Process ASP.NET Request

Vincent Zhong. Advertiser Disclosure. Thanks Abhijit ,the article is very easy to understand and its is simple english. Alpeshkumar Shah 2-Jan-17 22: How to change post content of httprequest by httpmodule Jan 15, 2013 01: NET page's corresponding class. Great article!! Net functionality runs under the scope of the worker process. Keep post this kind of articles.

Web Server and ASP.NET Application Life Cycle in Depth

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how iis process http request object