How does transparent touch screen work

Transparent Displays explained

How to measure Transparency The recurring question from customers: Samsung and LG transparent display boxes still leave advertisers hanging with no option for touch or high transparency and resolution. Dieses Produkt wird aktuell nicht mehr produziert!

how does transparent touch screen work

Switchable Laminate Glass. MetroClick has the ability to make customizable touch screen software for your company accessible through neat, sleek glass. Daarom zijn onze oplossingen in het meeste geval op maat gemaakt.

Transparent Screens- The Magic of Transparent Technology

This product is out of production! Alle rechten voorbehouden. The interactive displays of today are more than just simple screens with some multi-touch capabilities.

how does transparent touch screen work

Dieses Produkt wird aktuell nicht mehr produziert! These display solutions bring together two innovative technologies in order to create a cutting edge screen that simply cannot be ignored.

how does transparent touch screen work

Whereas Transparent LCD screens rely on backlighting to produce an image and therefore require an enclosure or display box , T-OLED screens are made up of light emitting diodes which each emits their own light.

Share this... Inside of the aluminium body, all control and power electronics for the display, touch and light components are installed safely and along the most current certification terms.

how does transparent touch screen work

Wij passen het display aan of leveren volledig maatwerk. As with all of our transparent technology, Transparent LCD screens are incredibly versatile and can be applied in many different sectors.

True MultiTouch with up to 10 touch points up to 10 independent Light Processors depends on size Ultra-precise touch recognition. While keeping any plain glass surface functional and fun, this tech can revolutionize them with a modern, visually appealing aesthetic. This helps us improve your browsing experience and our marketing.

how does transparent touch screen work

For more information on how we can customize glass display in your space, contact us. Touch monitoren in hypermoderne trams Transport.

If you can think of a great application, please get in touch. An interactive glass or a see-through display is an electronic device that allows users to see through the glass while also seeing what is displayed on the glass screen. Transparent displays are growing in popularity, because they are minimalistic attention-grabbers in high traffic locations.