How does a chrysanthemum look like

Growing chrysanthemums from seeds requires planning in areas with short growing seasons. Generally these plants grow to be about 6 inches tall although they can reach 2 feet in height when flowering.

What Do Chrysanthemums Look Like?

Home Plants Ornamentals Chrysanthemums. Consistent watering throughout the spring, summer and fall is essential.

how does a chrysanthemum look like

Exceptions to the rule exist, however, with a few varieties displaying an upright growth habit and reaching 6 feet in height. Their total plant size is between 1 to 3 feet, making them ideal for small spaces and borders. Flowers and Art Meanings of flowers Flowers for different occasions.

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how does a chrysanthemum look like

Consistent applications of quality fertilizers will help your mums grow larger and produce more blooms. All plants require nutrients.

how does a chrysanthemum look like

Next Article Artichoke Plant: To maintain a compact, well-branched form, lightly prune your mums from late spring through mid-August if they grow more than 6 inches tall. Apricot Alexis, Candid and Pat Lawson Regular Incurve Regular incurve chrysanthemum blossoms are tight, smooth globes of inwardly curving florets.

As with most plants, mums appreciate well-drained soil with lots of organic matter, such as compost. Close View all gallery.

how does a chrysanthemum look like

Many novice gardeners toss pots of dead chrysanthemum into the trash or compost pile. The basic chrysanthemum flower has a single layer of petals arranged in a disc shape around a center that looks like a small button and generally is a color different from the petals.

To grow chrysanthemums successfully you should have a pH reading near 6. Image zoom.

Beginner's Guide to Mums

These fall flowers come in orange, red, yellow, and even white. Chrysanthemum Dendranthema Texas Tech University: What you see is what you get: Rosy Chrysanthemum. The same is true for mums with double, as opposed to single, daisy-like blooms. White City, Champion and Apricot Thistle The thistle bloom, also called the bush bloom, often features multi-colored blooms.

how does a chrysanthemum look like

Choose a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer for monthly application from early spring through July. Local chapters of the National Chrysanthemum Society often have spring plant sales.