How can you secure your wireless network

Strangers also could seize control of your router, to direct you to fraudulent websites. Microsoft You find the 802. Wi-Fi access points are usually configured by default to broadcast the name of your wireless network - known as the service set identifier, or SSID - to make it easy to find and connect to. Many routers also have a firewall that can be enabled.

how can you secure your wireless network

This will usually let you select which security method you wish to choose; if you have older devices, choose WEP, otherwise go with WPA2. While you're in your router settings, you should change your service set identifier SSID. We place emphasis on antivirus and malware removal, but don't ignore firewalls.

how can you secure your wireless network

Wireless Security. One more note on wireless routers: If you can't upgrade your router's firmware to add support for WPA2 then you should consider investing in a new wireless router that supports WPA2 encryption. Wireless security is important to everyone because no one wants hackers in their network stealing data or stealing previous bandwidth that they pay good money for.

Using IP Cameras Safely.

How to Secure Your Wireless (Wi-Fi) Home Network

This means that they can connect to the internet without getting access to your company's or family's internal network. Apps now allow you to access your home network from a mobile device. Your router directs traffic between your local network and the internet. A VPN or virtual private network will help you stay safe and secure online while above all keeping your private stuff private.

Securing Your Wireless Network

There is a list that hackers like to refer to that contains the Top 1000 most common SSIDs wireless network names. And someone with the right tools can still capture the SSID from sniffing other network traffic.

how can you secure your wireless network

Because our mindset is wrong. Use a strong password on any app that accesses your network. Change your router's pre-set password s. Here comes the stinger, though: If so, download the file and apply it in your router settings.

how can you secure your wireless network

Taking basic steps to secure your home network will help protect your devices — and your information — from compromise. We've rounded up three of the best performing, cheapest, and best value wi-fi extenders for 2016. You can help prevent hackers from taking control of the administrative features of your wireless router by turning off the "admin via wireless" configuration setting.