Hell bent doctor who trailer zygon

The question is, what can we glean from that swish-looking world map interface in the background? The Doctor and Clara, with their old friend Rigsy, find themselves in a secret alien world, folded away among the streets of London.

All the info that's been released or inferred about the series so far is collected below.

Colour us very intrigued by how these episodes are shaping up. More updates to follow as they're sniffed out. There's a careful line to tread between dinner schedules and children's bed times, after all.

Here's a clip from the episode... Poldark 's Ed Bazelgette is confirmed as being on the directors' list for series nine.

hell bent doctor who trailer zygon

If you like the moments when the Doctor talks to himself, this could well be your favourite episode of all time. Here's an interesting one.

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Peter Capaldi. An interesting blend, for sure.

hell bent doctor who trailer zygon

Is this chain of events inevitable? The news broke because he listed the job on his online CV.

hell bent doctor who trailer zygon

That only leaves the 2015 Christmas Special title still unknown... And finally, a big pile of promo pictures from the episode...

Doctor Who series 9: Hell Bent finale trailer

Um, probably not, but we'll keep you posted. Doctor Who. View the discussion thread.

hell bent doctor who trailer zygon

It would certainly be new territory for Nu-Who, and quite far removed from the standard-issue Victorian trappings. She has no boundaries, that girl; she is very naughty. Paul Kaye. And will there be mercy? Piece by piece, person by person, we are replacing the English.