Government shutdown when end

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End to Government Shutdown Possible in a Few Weeks, Graham Says

Volunteers with 'Friends of Joshua Tree National Park' have been cleaning bathrooms and trash at the park as the park is drastically understaffed during the partial government shutdown. Chef Jose Andres R helps carry free meals for U.

President Trump discussed a variety of topics, particularly his meeting with Congressional Democratic and Republican leaders for negotiations on the ongoing partial shutdown of the federal government. Hong, AP.

Government shutdown to end. Here's what to know about the deal and what comes next

News Tips Got a confidential news tip? Federal contractor Chris Erickson paints his bathroom, Jan. The current partial shutdown of the US federal government, now the longest in US history, has many federal employees including Secret Service agents and officers working unpaid.

government shutdown when end

Air transport workers warned the five-week-old US government shutdown could cause US commercial aviation to collapse as they planned a protest in the US capital's National Airport.

Trump could decide to finally sign bills reopening the government. Home Menu.

government shutdown when end

The president's State of the Union address was postponed due to the government shutdown. What about Democrats?

government shutdown when end

Sait Serkan Gurbuz, AP. Will Republicans fold?

government shutdown when end

The index had hit an 18-year high in October before suffering three straight declines that dropped it to an 18-month low. A donation box sits on the counter as Dany Garcia speaks with visitors at the Ernest F. Trump is considering a possible national emergency declaration that would end the shutdown and allow him to obtain his wall funding by circumventing Congress.

The Conference Board, a business research group, says its consumer confidence index rose to 131.

How the Government Shutdown Could End—Without Trump

Education Feb 26. Some traveller experienced the effects of the Federal shutdown while traveling in and out of the airport in Newark, Friday Jan.

government shutdown when end

Trump added: Federal workers and their supporters stood silently for 33 minutes for the 33 days of the shutdown. Access to your free articles is brought to you by the generous support of Ramsey Motor. The Senate passed a continuing resolution on Wednesday, to keep the government open until February 2019.