Gila window film how to install

Squeegee the film from the middle of the window toward each side.

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You may have to repeat this technique several times. If the bubble still remains, it may be necessary to carefully lift the nearest edge, re-spray the adhesive thoroughly, and re-squeegee that region of the film.

In the unlikely event that the film is curling up along an edge after installation, wrap a plastic credit card in one or two layers of paper towel and use it as a squeegee.

gila window film how to install

If Gila Application Solution is not available, you may use a mixture of water and no tears baby shampoo without conditioner. After application, wait at least 48 hours before activating defroster lines. Start at the top of the window, then allow the film to gently lay down onto the glass.

How to Install Gila Automotive Window Film

The label on the film is affixed to the clear liner side of the film. The solution is no more harmful than a gentle soap solution, such as no-tears baby shampoo.

gila window film how to install

Do not apply film when the outside temperature is below freezing 32 F. Will film hurt my indoor plants? Window film will not stretch to conform to these 3-D surfaces; but it can crease, pucker, and wrinkle badly if you try to force it to fit.

gila window film how to install

The gap also permits adequate room for the glass to expand and contract, as it becomes warm and cool within the window frame. The heat has to work much harder to move through this obstacle, so a lot of energy is dissipated through reflection, absorption, conduction, and convection.

But reflective films dramatically reduce the direct transmission of solar radiant heat. Film can be safely installed on tempered auto glass but less safely on laminated glass.

gila window film how to install

It allows you to apply and position the film, and it lubricates the top of the film so the squeegee glides evenly across the film. Just call or follow the links we've put here for you. Other liquid soap products contain ingredients that may reduce the effectiveness of the film's adhesive. It is safe to use Ammonia-based window cleaners if the cleaner doesn't sit on the film for a prolonged period of time no more than 1-2 minutes.

Excessive heat can cause seal damage on dual pane units or glass breakage.

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Rub the area to break up any dirt or grease. News Legal Privacy More of a hire-someone-elser than a do-it-yourselfer?

gila window film how to install

These are rolled up within the film, so unroll the film a few feet to find them. Figure 9.