Excel 2010 minimize window disappears when minimized

The "Cascade Windows" trick fixed the problem.

Stop Outlook from “disappearing” when switching to the desktop

You can then use the up and left arrows to bring the window back on to your screen. I literally JUST had a user report this same exact problem and after messing with it for a few minutes with no luck, I googled the issue and this thread was the first thing I found.

Windows minimize problem, Solution (RocketDock)

It's more than this solution. It says it is open and I have expanded the window to make sure it wasn't hiding over on the far right but its not there. You should be able to rightclick on the icon on the taskbar and choose Move.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 8: The comment will be refreshed after 00: A verification code will be sent to you. I don't think its hidden.

What ever option has been enabled or random bug , it's persistent in safe mode as well. From now on, when clicking on the Close button, Outlook will be minimized instead of closing. I need to load the UserForm automatically once the excel file is opened. Once you get enough of it back you'll be able to use the window controls as normal.

Excel 2010 - spreadsheet vanishes when minimized

Alt-tab to move between the two. I also made an account just to thank you for the information!!! At least, assuming you have the same issue I've had from time to time. All rights reserved. I can open as "Maximize" and see data just fine. Peterson, you misunderstood the question.

"Restore Down" makes window disappear

Who is Participating? Experts Exchange. I don't want the user to be able to close the userform unless they shut down their computer, log off of the computer or shut down another specific program. This was three or so years ago, so I don't recall exactly what the settings for this are listed as.

excel 2010 minimize window disappears when minimized

In this article, we will show you how to stop Outlook getting closed when minimized. I can open Excel from my computer start file, hide the excel sheet and only show the userform. Show vbModeless End Sub This works great for me with one exception. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

excel 2010 minimize window disappears when minimized

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