Etched glass pantry door how to clean

In reply to Ivie Enterprises: Frosted glass comes in various textures, designs, and density in translucency.

etched glass pantry door how to clean

And that is the topic of our article today. Home General Discussions Product Discussions. First, What to Avoid Frosted glass needs gentle scrubbing and non-acidic cleaners.

How to Clean Frosted Glass

How to Drill a Hole in Glass without Breaking it. Frosted glass is mainly found in bathroom windows and shower doors because when light falls on this special type of glass, it scatters in various directions to provide privacy by blurring the image on the other side. Step 1 - Gather the material needed for cleaning the glass - rubber gloves, ammonia-based glass cleaner, old newspaper, wet-and-dry emery paper, window cleaner, lint-free cloth, and abrasive sponge. How to Paint Vinyl Shutters.

Frosted Glass Care and Maintenance

So choose the wet-and-dry emery paper that is almost the same roughness as the glass. They help transform the room instantly, whether you're using them in doors, windows, or anywhere around the house.

etched glass pantry door how to clean

Tips on How to Kill Black Mold. Lightly wipe the frosted glass with Windex or a similar product to ensure streaks are gone. This helps prevent cleaning solutions from dripping everywhere.

etched glass pantry door how to clean

How to Install Rain Gutters. What you need to be aware of is which wet-and-dry emery paper to use. Tescos window cleaner green liquid in a spray bottle is the best I have come across. However, if there is a wooden frame or paint next to the frosted glass, be careful so as to not accidentally scrub on it.

Cleaning Frosted Glass

If the specific glass pane is very dirty, you need to use an abrasive sponge as well. Rub the streak with the emery paper in a circular movement as if you are normally cleaning the frosted glass. How to Soften Leather.

etched glass pantry door how to clean

Similar to the abrasive sponge, use the paper in a circular motion so all the spots and stains can be removed properly. When you do find the right paper, use the soaked paper to scrub the metal marks and dings off the frosted glass. You can clean frosted glass in the same way as normal glass, but the pits can get very dirty, making it necessary to use a slightly different technique.

After you have put on the gloves, you need to spray the frosted glass with a glass cleaner and then rub with newspaper or paper towels in circular movements.

etched glass pantry door how to clean

How to Reupholster a Couch. The task gets easier the more often you do it. Gently go over the glass in circular motions with the abrasive sponge until you are satisfied that most of the dirt and grime is gone.