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Almanac - Losing My Mind 04.

eagleheart stratovarius descargar whatsapp

This is raw power metal compared to the symphonic metal band into which they morphed. Iron Savior - Seize the Day 20. Slayer - Disciple 04.

Various Artists – The World of Heavy Metal Vol.3 (3CD)

Sodom - The Vice of Killing 18. Running Wild - Conquistadores 15.

eagleheart stratovarius descargar whatsapp

Tyr - Ramund Hin Unge 09. Keyboard player Jens Johansson and drummer Jorg Michael Saxon part of a very long CV came in for 1996s 'Episode', the start of a very stable period for the band. Destruction - Armageddonizer 03.

Wonderful music, and largely but far from completely a good career span.

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Dio - Last in Line 13. Sodom - Magic Dragon 05. Rage - Dies Irae 12. Rage - Empty Hollow 28.

Stratovarius Discography (320kbps) [Google Drive]

Article continues below... The third disc special edition is a live album recorded at Wacken in 2015. Destruction - The Ritual 12. The bonus disc of Wacken is definitely well worth searching out, if you were there or are a fan.

Overkill - The Green and Black 13.

eagleheart stratovarius descargar whatsapp

Helloween - Open Your Life 07.