Doctor who time warp tumblr

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In a commercial advertising Marvel Studio's 10 year anniversary, behind-the-scenes footage shows the Infinity Gauntlet with four Infinity Stones in place, suggesting that over the course of Infinity War, Thanos goes from having two Infinity Stones as seen in his one-on-one fight with Captain America to having four. As ScreenRant points out, different trailers provide two different versions of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange's first meeting.

Thanos fight takes place. In the first photo above , Thanos clearly has the space stone aka the Tesseract last seen in Thor: Fans of Doctor Strange will remember that the sorcerer is in possession of the Time Stone and he successfully used it to trap the villain Dromammu in a time loop, keeping him from destroying the Earth.

doctor who time warp tumblr

And, as such it's sort of a catchall for theories about what's coming in the MCU. Assuming Doctor Strange joins forces with Tony Stark early on in Infinity War , it makes sense that he would be able to use the Time Stone to create a larger time loop, one that might be able to reset back to this moment if the Avengers fail to beat Thanos.

By Olivia Truffaut-Wong.

doctor who time warp tumblr

Ragnarok , and the power stone last seen in Guardians of the Galaxy. Infinity War might be the MCU's biggest fan theory magnet yet.

doctor who time warp tumblr

How, exactly, the Avengers will use time travel to defeat Thanos remains to be seen. Perhaps the biggest piece of evidence to support the Avengers: And this in turn means that he could very well use it in the final minutes of Infinity War in an attempt to change the outcome of their fight. During an appearance on Good Morning America , Cumberbatch confirmed that he'd read the script, while Tom Holland and Tom Hiddleston both insisted that they have not.

Granted this could just be regular, trailer discrepancies.

The 'Avengers: Infinity War' Time Travel Theory Will Throw You For A Major Loop

But don't fret, because in all the noise, there is only one Avengers: This might also confirm rumors that the soul stone is, in fact, in Wakanda, where the Cap vs. What is certain in this theory is that Doctor Strange and the Eye of Agamotto will play a key part.

Infinity War theory audiences need to be aware of is the time travel theory.

doctor who time warp tumblr

But in the second photo below, the Infinity Gauntlet is also adorned with what looks to be the reality stone aka the Aether last seen in Thor: Fan theories and the Marvel Cinematic Universe go together perfectly, and Avengers: Infinity War theory you need to know about before going into the movie. Rogue One , and conversely this could just be Marvel trying to throw fans off the scent. It's unclear what, exactly, these multiple timelines would be, though one assumes that at least one timeline will find the Avengers failing to protect the planet from Thanos' destruction.

Tony Stark's shocked expression as he looks up at the sky as well as his and Bruce's civilian clothing show that they aren't yet to the point in the film when the Avengers charge into battle. The trailers for Infinity War have provided many clues to the multiple timelines theory. Blockbuster trailers have been known to use footage from the film that was later left on the cutting room floor see: For example, Captain America could die in Infinity War , or he could be sent back to the '40s to live out his life with his first love, Peggy Carter.

doctor who time warp tumblr

Even if he doesn't, it's clear that Doctor Strage will be using the Time Stone in Infinity War , as he tells Tony in an Infinity War trailer, " I went forward in time , to see all the possible outcomes.