Doctor who series 7 new intro

Series 7 (Doctor Who)

A modified arrangement of the Doctor Who Theme accompanied this version from episode 2 of The Faceless Ones onwards, except on episodes 4 and 5 of Fury from the Deep where, due to an error, the 1963 arrangement of the theme was used. In Death in Heaven , the Doctor's appearance was replaced with that of Clara Oswald Jenna Coleman and her credit placed before his to reflect her ruse to the Cybermen that she was the Doctor. As a first in 21st century Doctor Who , the director and series producer would also be named.

doctor who series 7 new intro

Christmas special. Cameo of an Ood. Pond Life.

doctor who series 7 new intro

Seasons 21-23: Season 24: The Doctor's Meditation. Tom Baker. The title sequence fades in and out if there is a time gap between the cold opening and the rest of the episode.

When it fades in, the camera starts a small distance away from the tunnel of gears, passing a few by themselves before entering the tunnel. McCoy's face was painted silver for this sequence to make him seem like he had been computer-animated.

Series 11’s New Intro & Theme Won’t Be Seen ‘In Situ’ Until Episode 2

Sleep No More. See tardis. The Ambassadors of Death experimented with interrupting the title sequence with a scene from the episode, while Inferno employed a one-off use of volcano footage as the backdrop to the episode title and writer credit.

Season 26: For the first part of Tom Baker's second serial The Ark in Space , the sequence colour was changed from blue to orange, pink, and brown tones.

Title sequence

Season 20: In the classic series, the doctor's face always used to appear in the title sequence. Time Crash. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. The camera trails after, spinning past several planets and supernovae, before emerging into a dark and clear sector of empty space, allowing the cast names to pass by in the same style, typeface and animation as was featured in Series 7 Part 1; however, instead of "evaporating", the text disperses into particles.

doctor who series 7 new intro